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Swimbait - OniWorks - Tracker One (1oz - 4"inches)

Swimbait - OniWorks - Tracker One (1oz - 4"inches)

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Discover the ultimate in swimbait technology with the OniWorks Tracker One, expertly designed for both novice and seasoned anglers.

This top-tier swimbait features a distinctive snub-nose design and comes fully rigged, ready for big-game fishing straight out of the box. The Tracker One is renowned for its robust tail action and deadly head-shake, enhancing your fishing experience with every cast.

With 1oz and 4" inches and equipped with premium BKK hooks, the Tracker One excels in targeting hidden giants lurking within submerged vegetation, along shade lines, grass lanes, and isolated covers.

It's particularly effective in fishing tule lines, laydowns, and deep waters, allowing for slow rolls or precise skips into secluded dock areas and overhangs.

Whether you're exploring bottom contours or bumping through deeper zones, the Tracker One's innovative design promises to elevate your fishing success.

Enhance your fishing arsenal with the OniWorks Tracker One and experience unmatched performance and versatility in your pursuit of the ultimate catch.

2pcs per pack

Weight: 1oz

Lenght: 4" inches

Comes with BKK Hooks

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